Pier67 x Bistrot27

Collaboration with Bistrot27 of Celle Ligure

RIVIERA 17 - The Mediterranean flavors of the Western Ligurian Riviera

The Riviera 17 was born with the idea of ​​enhancing the products of the Ligurian territory at km0.
The recipe was conceived with a base of Chinotto to be then enriched with a distilled water of Rosemary, which recall the scents of our Riviera. The Pier67 cannot be missing, which with its balsamic / citrus notes, gives the drink interesting nuances. To fill up the Pigato of the western coast which gives the drink a dry and aromatic part.
Here is the Riviera17, 17 as the beginning of the Savona zip code given the origin of the products used.

My recipe:
- Chinotto Mix 30ml;
- Rosemary distilled water 5ml;
- Gin Pier67 45ml;
- Pigato 30ml.

It is a cocktail made in Stir and Strain and served in a Tumbler.

For the chinotto mix, use chinotto and sugar in 1:1 doses to create a sort of slightly more liquid syrup. For the rosemary water you need an alembic, but if you don't have one, no problem you can easily use fresh rosemary with hot or cold infusions.

Bistrot27 - Piazza del Popolo 2, 17015 Celle Ligure (SV).

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